20Khz Ultrasonic Converter With Titanium Booster Replace For Rinco 20

Ultrasonic converter is an energy conversion device that converts high frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is often used in ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic welding machines, trichlorocarbons, gas cameras and other equipment, and has been widely used in agriculture, industry, life, transportation, military, medical and other fields.

20Khz Ultrasonic Converter With Titanium Booster Replace For Rinco 20

20khz ultrasonic transducer with titanium booster  replacement Rinco type (4)


This model of ultrasonic converter can directly replace for the Rinco 20 converter.

Technical Parameters:

Frequency: 20 khz

Power: 2000 watt - 4000 watt

Connect screw: M16

Amplitude: 20 um


(1) The ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasonic waves to continuously spread the cleaning liquid to clean the dirt on the object. The ultrasonic vibration frequency is determined by the ultrasonic transducer, and different frequencies can be set according to the cleaning object to achieve cleaning. the goal of.

(2) The ultrasonic welding machine generates ultrasonic vibration by using an ultrasonic transducer, and the vibration generates friction so that the weld zone is partially melted and joined together.

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