Wide Spray Ultrasonic 30Khz Spray On Coating

Wide Spray Ultrasonic 30Khz Spray On Coating

30Khz High Temperature Ultrasonic Nebulizer For Nanowires and Graphene Atomizing The main parts: Generator It can transfer the 50-60Hz city electricity to high-power’s high-frequency (15kHz-100kHz) power supply, and then provide to the transducer. Transducer It can transfer high-frequency...

Wide Spray Ultrasonic 30Khz Spray On Coating

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Ultrasonic spray nozzles have long been recognized as an ideal tool for microencapsulation. Their characteristic low-velocity spray, easily controllable drop size (drop diameter is determined by nozzle frequency), and non-clogging design provide a perfect fit for many applications.

Technical Parameter:


Major power supply

220V 50HZ 2A

Power Consumption

0.001 Degrees/Kg

Atomization Volume

Average Particle Diameter Of Fog39um



CE Certification:










Q:What frequency range do you have for choose?

A:We have 15Khz,30Khz and 50Khz ultrasonic atomizer for different application especially depends on atomization speed.

Q:Is the ultrasonic frequency will influence the average particle diameter?

A:Yes, general speaking, If the ultrasonic frequency is higher, the particle will smaller.

Q:What the factors need to consider if i spray the fixed mixed solution?

A:The mixture containing solid is mainly concerned with the solid content and the size of solid particles. The diameter of solid particles is much smaller than the diameter of liquid droplets. Otherwise, the result of atomization is solid-liquid separation.In addition, the liquid solid content should not exceed 40%, and the solid content will increase the difficulty of atomization.


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