Ultrasonic Fog Spray With Fine Drop Size

Ultrasonic Fog Spray With Fine Drop Size

Finely Processed Micron Coating Solutions with Ultrasonic Nozzle For Medical Tube and Electronics Introduction : Ultrasonic spraying nozzles are light weight flow through design for introducing liquids at the back of the nozzle. With nozzle materials made from titanium, stainless steel and...
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Ultrasonic fog spray with fine drop size


Ultrasonic spray nozzles have long been recognized as an ideal tool for microencapsulation. Their characteristic low-velocity spray, easily controllable drop size (drop diameter is determined by nozzle frequency), and non-clogging design provide a perfect fit for many applications.



Power Consumption0.001 Degrees/Kg
Atomization Volume150L/H
Average Particle Diameter Of Fog62um
Atomization Head StructureTrumpet

The Application of Atomizing: 

Ultrasonic spray technology is used to coat practically any substrate shape, size or surface with uniform micron thick coatings, and even nanocoating thicknesses. In addition, ultrasonic technology is used for:

* Moisturizing

* Spray drying

* Continuous web coating

* Fine-line spraying

* Dots

* Nanosuspension dispersion

* Aerosol generation


· From micro-litres to litres – continuous or intermittent

· Dispenses material with virtually no over spray

· Pressure-less atomization – low velocity mist

· Low cost atomization probe replacement

· Minimal atmospheric contamination

· Virtually unclog gable

· Programmable operation











General FAQs

Q:What is compress air inlet used for ?

A:Compress air is used for shaping the mist at your requirement and speed up it’s drop.

QWhat types of nozzle do you have for choose?

AWe have conical nozzle, long nozzle , cone nozzle, trumpet nozzle for different application

Q:Why can ultrasonic nozzle can used for Drug eluting stents and drug eluting balloons?

A:Pharmaceuticals such as Sirolimus (Rapamycin) and Paclitaxel used with or without a polymer is coated on the surface of drug eluting stents (DES) and drug eluting balloons (DEB). These devices benefit greatly from ultrasonic spray nozzles for their ability to apply coatings with little to no loss. Medical devices such as DES and DEB because of their small size, require very narrow spray patterns, a low-velocity atomized spray and low-pressure air.