Ultrasonic Atomizer Nozzle 50KHz High Efficiency Spraying Tiny Fog Particle

50khz Titanium / Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Nebulizer Liquid Processing with digital generator Introduction: Ultrasonic atomization humidification uses the energy of ultrasonic waves to break up water to form water particles of several μm to tens of μm, which are used to humidify...

Ultrasonic Atomizer Nozzle 50KHz High Efficiency Spraying Tiny Fog Particle


Ultrasonic atomization is the use of electronic high-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz or 2.4MHz, which exceeds the range of human hearing, and the electronic oscillation has no harm to humans and animals), through the high-frequency resonance of the ceramic atomizer, the liquid water The molecular bonds between molecules break up to produce a natural and elegant water mist, without heating or adding any chemical reagents.


Frequency: 50KHz

Power: 30W

Major power supply: 220V±10%, 50/60HZ, 8Aø6

Power Consumption: 0.001 Degrees/Kg

Atomization Volume: 0.5L/H

Average Particle Diameter Of Fog: 28um

Atomization Head Structure: Mushroom Tpye


Atomization humidification, chemical mixing, production, spray drying granulation, paint spraying, metal milling and so on. The advantage is that it can atomize various kinds of liquid and it has Large atomizing volume, energy-saving, environmental protection. It has no plug, no abrasion.

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