Non-clogging Ceramic Spray Drying 30Khz

Non-clogging Ceramic Spray Drying 30Khz

30Khz High Temperature Ultrasonic Nebulizer For Nanowires and Graphene Atomizing The main parts: Generator It can transfer the 50-60Hz city electricity to high-power’s high-frequency (15kHz-100kHz) power supply, and then provide to the transducer. Transducer It can transfer high-frequency...

Non-clogging Ceramic Spray Drying 30Khz

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Ultrasonic spray utilizes ultrasonic energy to break liquid and form few-micron particles size.

The ultrasonic spray nozzle can use lower vibration energy to make liquid atomization via gravity and low pressure air.

Technical Parameter:




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Q:Is the ultrasonic frequency will influence the average particle diameter?

A:Yes, general speaking, If the ultrasonic frequency is higher, the particle will smaller.

Q:I wan to coating on a quite large area at a low speed , what kind of atomizer will you recommend?

A:We recommend the scattering type nozzle, the shape is conical.Normally the spray diameter is about 50.8mm ~ 76.2mm.

Q:What is compress air inlet used for ?

A:Compress air is used for shaping the mist at your requirement and speed up it’s drop.

Q:What i the switch “1” ,“2” and “3” for on the generator?

A:The purpose of switch is going to change the atomizer power which will influence the coating speed.


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