Micro Flow Ultrasonic Atomization 50K

Micro Flow Ultrasonic Atomization 50K

The ultrasonic spraying system can be matched with the equipment. The spraying quality is generally stable and the particle size is 28μm.

Micro Flow Ultrasonic Atomization 50K




Ultrasonic enhances the dispersion of the liquid into a fine mist with a narrow size distribution. Such small droplets and distribution are difficult to obtain using conventional nozzles.


Major Power Supply220V, 50HZ, 2A
Power Consumption0.001Degrees/Kg
Atomization Volume5L/H
Average Particle Diameter of Flog28um

Competitive Advantages:

1.Ultrasonic nozzles are more precise, more controllable, more repeatable and more environmentally friendly. 

2. Ability to control atomized droplet size by selecting nozzle frequency

3. Tight drop distribution allows optimization of the desired coating morphology


• Coating non-woven fabric, paper, etc.
• Laboratory spray drying
• Injecting moisture into a gas stream
• Applying minute amount of oil, fragrance or
• flavor onto a product
• Injecting small volume of reagents into a reactor

Video of Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle:


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