Industrial Ultrasonic Nozzle Spray High Power Atomize Various Kinds Of Liquid

Ultrasonic spray (FOG) is to use the energy of ultrasonic water or liquid scattered, forming several microns to 100 microns in size of particles, used for air humidifying, granulating, mixing liquid, promote chemical reactions, spraying, molten metal powder etc.

Industrial Ultrasonic Nozzle Spray High Power Atomize Various Kinds Of Liquid


Ultrasonic nozzles are a type of spray nozzle that uses high frequency vibration produced by piezoelectric transducers acting upon the nozzle tip that will create capillary waves in a liquid film. Once the amplitude of the capillary waves reaches a critical height (due to the power level supplied by the generator), they become too tall to support themselves and tiny droplets fall off the tip of each wave resulting in atomization.

Ultrasonic atomization is very convenient because it can generate droplets with diameters of a few microns and with very narrow size distribution. Besides, opposite to twin fluid nozzles, in ultrasonic atomization, droplet generation and transport are decoupled processes. Droplets are ejected from the liquid surface with very low velocities, so driving them is relatively simple. 




1. A major breakthrough in spraying technology, can spray a variety of liquids.

2. Low power consumption, large atomization and energy saving.

3. No clogging, no wear, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.

4. Can be arbitrarily combined to meet the requirements of spray volume.

5. Use high-performance titanium and stainless steel.


Subsequent uses of the technology include coating blood collection tubes, spraying flux onto printed circuit boards, coating implantable drug eluting stents and balloon/catheters, Float glass manufacturing coatings, anti-microbial coatings onto food, precision semiconductor coatings and alternative energy coatings for solar cell and fuel cell manufacturing, among others.

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