High Power 15khz 500w Ultrasonic Atomization OF Liquids

The soft, low-speed spray produced by the ultrasonic nozzle spray molding system usually needs to be air molded to meet the needs of the application, especially when high precision or uniform deposition is required

high power 15khz 500w Ultrasonic Atomization OF Liquids


Unlike pressure nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles do not force liquids through a small orifice using high pressure in order to produce a spray. Liquid is fed through the center of a nozzle with a relatively large orifice, without pressure, and is atomized due to ultrasonic vibrations in the nozzle. A Sono-Tek engineered proprietary precision ultrasonic generator provides the mechanical energy required to create the vibrations in the nozzle. The power required to operate ultrasonic nozzles generally varies between 1 and 8 Watts. Click here to see a simple animation illustrating the atomization process.


Frequency60KHz50KHz50KHz50KHz40KHz30KHz20 KHz15 KHz
Atomization Volume0.5L/H2 L/H2 L/H2 L/H10 L/H70 L/H100 L/H150 L/H
Average Particle Diameter of Fog20um28um28um28um32um39um51um62um
Power Consumption0.01 Degrees/Kg0.001 Degrees/Kg
Atomization Head StructureCylindricalHorn
Power30W30 W30 W30 W60 W100 W300 W500 W
The Application of Atomizing Media

Ordinary water, a variety of liquid substances, chemical liquid,

a variety of oil mucus, metal melt and so on



Atomization humidification, chemical mixing, production, spray drying granulation, paint spraying, metal milling and so on. The advantage is that it can atomize various kinds of liquid and it has Large atomizing volume, energy-saving, environmental protection. It has no plug, no abrasion.







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