50KHz Ultrasonic Nebulizer System

50KHz 30W Ultrasonic Atomizer Long Nozzle Type Surface Coating For Variety Of liquid Oil Mucus Metal Melt Description: Ultrasonic spray (FOG) is to use the energy of ultrasonic water or liquid scattered, forming several microns to 100 microns in size of particles, used for air humidifying,...
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50KHz 30W Ultrasonic Atomizer Long Nozzle Type Surface Coating For Variety Of liquid Oil Mucus Metal Melt 

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Ultrasonic spraying nozzles are light weight flow through design for introducing liquids at the back of the nozzle. With nozzle materials made from titanium, stainless steel and fluoropolymer, many different solutions can be made into a mist. Sonaer ultrasonic atomizers are easy to clean, maintain, reliable and have no moving parts to wear out. Without the use of air pressure, varying viscosity liquids are pumped through the center of the nozzle, and is atomized. The droplets are then used in processes either for coating, burning, moisturizing, fabricating nano tubes or other applications that require droplets made from liquids.

Technical Parameter:





Power Consumption

0.01 Degrees/Kg

Atomization Volume


Spray Nozzle Shape

Long nozzle 

Atomization Head Structure


Applications :

*Blood Collection Tubes

*Medical Devices

*Hydrogen Fuel Cells

*Solar Cells Coatings

*Antimicrobial Coatings

*Float & Panel Glass


*Nano Technology

*Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

*Bioaerosol Spray

Ultrasonic nozzle benefits:
Spray patterns are easily shaped for precise coating applications
Highly controllable spray produces reliable, consistent results
Corrosion-resistant titanium and stainless steel construction
Ultra-low flow rate capabilities, intermittent or continuous
No moving parts to wear out
Drops sizes as small as 13 microns, depending upon nozzle frequency
reduce downtime in critical manufacturing processes


Q:What is an amplitude?

A:The amplitude is the movement of the weld tool, and more specifically, the deflection at which the stack expands and contracts – between 5 and 50 µm. As comparison: The diameter of a human hair is only 100 µm. The frequency is the number of oscillations per second. . 35 kHz equal 35.000 movements per second.

Q:Is ultrasonic harmful to heath?

A:No, ultrasonic frequencies above 20Khz are not harmful to humans. Sometimes unpleasant whistling side noises will occur. Therefore machines in the lower frequency range often have sound insulation.

Q:What i the switch “1” ,“2” and “3” for on the generator?

A:The purpose of switch is going to change the atomizer power which will influence the coating speed.