50 KHz Industrial Ultrasonic Nozzle Spray Atomize Various Kinds Of Liquid

Ultrasonic atomization uses electronic high-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz or 2.4MHz, which exceeds the human hearing range, and the electronic oscillation has no harm to humans and animals). The high-frequency resonance of the ceramic atomizing sheet is used to apply liquid water The molecular bonds between the molecules break up to produce a naturally flowing water mist without heating or adding any chemical reagents.

50 KHz Industrial Ultrasonic Nozzle Spray Atomize Various Kinds Of Liquid

Technical Parameter:


Power Consumption0.01 Degrees/Kg
Average Particle Diameter Of Fog28um
Atomization Volume0.5-2L/H
Spray Nozzle ShapeCone Type nozzle
Atomization Head StructureCylindrical



Compared with the heating atomization method, the energy saving is 90%. In addition, during the atomization process, a large amount of negative ions will be released, which will cause an electrostatic reaction with the smoke and dust floating in the air to cause precipitation, and at the same time, it can effectively remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, bacteria and other harmful substances, so that the air is purified. Reduce the incidence of disease.



Atomization humidification, chemical mixing, production, spray drying granulation, painting, metal milling, etc. The utility model has the advantages of atomization of all kinds of liquids, large amount of atomization, energy saving and environmental protection. It has no plug, no wear and tear.


Factory workshop:



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