30khz Ultrasonic Humidification Atomizing Humidifier

The complete machine of the atomizer is composed of an ultrasonic transducer, an horn, a transmitting head, and a dedicated driving power supply. It is used for humidifying air, granulating liquid, mixing, promoting chemical reaction, spraying, metal melting system powder, etc.

30khz Ultrasonic Humidification Atomizing Humidifier


Frequency: 30KHz

Power: 100W

Major power supply: 220V 50HZ 2A

Power Consumption: 0.001 Degrees/Kg

The matched transducer: HS-3030-4Z yellow

Atomization Volume: 50L/H

Average Particle Diameter Of Fog: 39um

Atomization Head Structure: Trumpet


     The use of ultrasound to promote the improvement of the atomization effect is based on the fact that ultrasound will form a local negative pressure zone in a certain area of the liquid, so cavitation or bubbles are generated in the liquid, that is, the phenomenon of cavitation.



1. No plug, no abrasion, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.
2. Can be any combination to meet the requirements of the spray volume.
3. The use of high-performance titanium and stainless steel.

4. A major breakthrough in spray technology, you can spray a variety of liquids.

5. Low power consumption, the fog of great energy saving.










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