15khz Ultrasonic Vaporizing Machine

15khz Ultrasonic Vaporizing Machine

Finely Processed Micron Coating Solutions with Ultrasonic Nozzle For Medical Tube and Electronics Introduction : Ultrasonic spraying nozzles are light weight flow through design for introducing liquids at the back of the nozzle. With nozzle materials made from titanium, stainless steel and...
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15khz ultrasonic vaporizing machine


  The Ultrasonic Atomiser uses Ultrasonic energy (Low/Medium) to generate low velocity, gentle spray unlike the conventional atomizing nozzle which depends on pressure & high velocity motion to shear a fluid into small droplets. The fluid (Liquid) is dispensed to the atomizing probe by either gravity or low-pressure small pumps & atomize continuously or intermittently as per requirement. The sample can be accurately delivered to the target area & over spray is virtually eliminated thus, resulting in material savings. The atomizer can runs continuously or be programmed to pulse On & Off


Power Consumption0.001 Degrees/Kg
Atomization Volume150L/H
Average Particle Diameter Of Fog62um
Atomization Head StructureTrumpet

The Application of Atomizing Media: 

  Graphene coatings,solar cell coating,medical stent coating,medical balloon catheter coating,blood collection tube coating,fabric coating,spray freeze drying,bio printing,pharmaceutical spray drying.etc


*Compatible with ALL fluxes.

*Easily retrofits into all major selective solder machines.

*Reduced wasteful overspray and atmospheric contamination.

*Minimal servicing and downtime.

*Self-cleaning ultrasonic nozzle prevents clogging.

*Controlled - velocity will not harm or disturb components while giving maximum top side fill.

*Wide range of delivery rates Also ideal for tinning and odd-shaped components.






Shipping Port:Shanghai

Shipping Term:By express,by air,by ocean and so on.

Leading Time:Quick production leading time and fast delivery.Usually 1-3days if we have in stock.






General FAQs

Q:What is compress air inlet used for ?

A:Compress air is used for shaping the mist at your requirement and speed up it’s drop.

Q:What is compress air inlet used for ?

A:Compress air is used for shaping the mist at your requirement and speed up it’s drop.

Q:What is the difference between ultrasonic coating and high pressure coating?

A:Ultrasonic coating can control the coating speed more accurate.The coating is also very uniform ,thin and efficiency.Also these is almost no waste.