15Khz~50Khz Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles With Power Controller For DIY Spray Pyrolysis

15Khz~50Khz Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles With Power Controller For DIY Spray Pyrolysis

Finely Processed Micron Coating Solutions with Ultrasonic Nozzle For Medical Tube and Electronics Introduction : Ultrasonic spraying nozzles are light weight flow through design for introducing liquids at the back of the nozzle. With nozzle materials made from titanium, stainless steel and...

15Khz~50Khz Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles with Power Controller for 

DIY Spray Pyrolysis



Introduction :

Ultrasonic spray utilizes ultrasonic energy to break liquid and form few-micron particles size.

The ultrasonic spray nozzle can use lower vibration energy to make liquid atomization via gravity


Ultrasonic atomization has some specific characteristics that make it advantageous over other traditional mechanical methods, like pressure or gas-assisted systems, to generate sprays of very small droplets.In particular,the resulting droplet size distributions are very narrow, and the droplet diameter is essentially controlled only by the ultrasonic frequency.For these reasons, the use of ultrasonic atomizing devices are becoming increasingly popular for a number of applications, for example in domestic humidifiers, or medical nebulizer. This last use has boosted the interest in ultrasonic based systems because they are being considered a potential substitute for the disposable pressurized metered dose inhalers based on liquefied fluorocarbon gases that are massively consumed all over the world for asthma treatments and that might be banned in a near future because of the severe restrictions in the use of halogenated organic compounds.






Atomization Volume


Spray Nozzle Shape

Long nozzle 

Atomization Speed

5L/h (Adjustable)

Power Consumption

0.01 Degrees/Kg 


Graphene coatings,solar cell coating,medical stent coating,medical balloon catheter coating,blood collection tube coating,fabric coating,spray freeze drying,bio printing,pharmaceutical spray drying.etc

★ A major breakthrough in spray technology, you can spray a variety of liquids.
★ Low power consumption, the fog of great energy saving.
★ No plug, no abrasion, no noise, no pressure, no moving parts.
★ Can be any combination to meet the requirements of the spray volume.
★ The use of high-performance titanium and stainless steel



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