What Should We Do If The Product Breaks During Ultrasonic Welding?

What Should We Do If The Product Breaks During Ultrasonic Welding?

Date:Aug 15, 2019

Altrasonic in the process of service market, collect, summarizes the customer the most common problems. One of the more is: when the customer testing ultrasonic mold found that the need to weld plastic parts are always broken (non-welding site), which not only led to the product defects, waste of artificial materials, but also seriously delayed the delivery of products, assume the breach of contract.


Whether it is the late replacement of equipment and service providers, or the improvement while production, the final loss is still to pay for itself.

What is the reason for the product to break during the welding process? Some are caused by the operation in the welding process, and some are problems existing in the ultrasonic welding equipment itself. Let's take a look at the situation when the ultrasonic welding machine is broken when welding: the product is welded to the upper and lower covers, and the small column above does not participate in the welding, but the ultrasonic mold needs to avoid the air. The possible reasons are as follows:

1. Positioning tooling design is not reasonable

The design of the lower positioning tool is too large, the plastic parts are shaken inside, and the product has obvious large displacement during ultrasonic welding, so that the upper welding head (empty area) hits the plastic column.

2. Incorrect parameter settings

Ultrasonic advance ultrasonic is set, ultrasonic is applied before the product is pressed, and energy is transmitted to the plastic column area, which also forms strong radiation vibration.


3. Welding energy output is too large

Ultrasonic energy output is too large to break, whether the welding time is too long, the pressure is a little bigger, and the product pressure is too tight.


1. According to the reasons of the analysis, possible solutions include reducing the welding time or reducing the pressure or the height limit after the machine head;


2. The ultrasonic mold is modified to avoid a little larger; the ultrasonic generator is replaced; the position of the ultrasonic mold is adjusted;


3. If the above problems can not be solved, it may be necessary to select a higher frequency ultrasonic welding equipment or redesign the ultrasonic mold. The purpose of replacing the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is to select a high frequency ultrasonic welder with higher frequency/smaller amplitude and redesign the ultrasonic wave. The purpose of the mold is to reduce the ultrasonic mold ratio and reduce the energy output.

Reminder: During the ultrasonic welding process, the requirements for ultrasonic welding equipment and fixtures are different due to different welding requirements of different products. Please refer to the professional ultrasonic factory when selecting equipment and making fixtures.

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