​Why Is The Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine The Best Welding Process?

​Why Is The Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine The Best Welding Process?

Date:Jan 06, 2021

Why is the ultrasonic metal welding machine the best welding process?

Application of ultrasonic welding machine:

(1) Manufacturers of auto parts

The car is mainly composed of four basic parts: engine, chassis, body and electrical equipment.

Our Hengsheng special ultrasonic metal welding machine is mainly for the targeted research and application of automotive electrical equipment.

Automotive wiring harness welding (0.5mm~25mm)

The metal copper sheet of the connector is welded to the wire

USB interface and wire welding

Seat and airbag cable welding

Welding of inductance coil and copper stranded wire on carbon brush of automobile fan motor

(2) Household appliances and industrial electrical appliances industry

Air conditioning and refrigerator refrigeration industry (sealing and welding of the 6-diameter copper pipe behind the refrigerator)

The brass piece inside the socket is soldered to the wire

Sealing and welding of copper or aluminum tubes on radiators and heat exchangers

(3) New energy industry

Solar water heater copper pipe welding

Plate core welding of flat water heater

Welding of guide strips of solar panels

(4) Motor industry

General Motor

Electric vehicle motor

Water pump motor

Toy motor

The motor industry is mainly enameled wire, tinned wire, etc.

(5) Battery industry

Copper sheet, copper foil

Aluminum sheet, aluminum foil

Aluminum nickel sheet composite

Double-layer, multi-layer, dot, strip, long, square, etc. welding

2. Advantages of ultrasonic welding:

1). Low temperature, close to cold welding

 It is a mechanical process, no current flows through the workpiece, so the conductivity of the metal has no effect

 2) No auxiliary materials, flux, solder, etc. are required

3) Simple operation

4) High degree of intelligence, which can realize data supervision, quality control, and the Internet of Things


3. Comparison of ultrasonic welding and similar welding technology:

I summarize the following similar metal welding technology, please forgive me if there is anything wrong,

1. Argon arc welding, resistance welding, current welding, intermediate frequency welding, high frequency, etc.

This type of welding is fusion welding, which melts metals together through high temperature, which has changed the original characteristics of the material

Second, laser welding

This principle is the same as the above. It relies on high-temperature fusion welding, but it can be welded precisely. Note that it is a spot weld that cannot be welded on a surface area.

Three, ultrasonic welding

The principle is high-frequency friction welding, which is close to cold welding. It is the best electrical connection process welding at present. As far as the destructiveness of the base material is concerned, until now, there has not been a welding process that can be compared with ultrasonic welding.

In summary: for specific industries, ultrasonic welding has unparalleled welding advantages

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