Which Plastic Stationery Can Be Welded By Ultrasonic Machine

Which Plastic Stationery Can Be Welded By Ultrasonic Machine

Date:Aug 13, 2019

Ultrasonic plastic stationery welding machine is a high-voltage, high-frequency signal generated by an ultrasonic generator of 20KHZ (or 15KHZ). Through the energy conversion system, the signal is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration, which is applied to the workpiece of plastic products and passes through the surface of the workpiece and the intrinsic molecules. The friction of the piece increases the temperature of the transfer to the interface. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface is rapidly melted, and then filled in the gap between the interfaces. When the vibration stops, the workpiece is simultaneously cooled under a certain pressure. Shaped to achieve the perfect weld. PP plastic stationery welding machine is suitable for plastic stationery products of PP, ABS, PE and PC. It can also be applied to plastic trademarks, toys, luggage, rain gear, folding boxes, CD bags, packaging bags, eye boxes, and thin films. Photo albums, business card books, notebooks, electronic products, PP folders, staplers, card-type ink tubes, bookshelves, folding boxes, PP paper clips, plastic pen barrels, battery blister packaging and sealing.


Ultrasonic PP stationery special welding machine features:


1. The special welding machine for plastic stationery is the original imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, and the output is strong and stable; 

2, ultrasonic PC plastic stationery welding machine tooling four-point balance adjustment, simple adjustment of the welding head;

3. Ultrasonic stationery welding machine welding head is made of high quality aluminum alloy or titanium alloy, which is durable;

4. The plastic stationery ultrasonic welding machine column adopts the dovetail groove design, and the welding process has higher stability; 

5. Digital ultrasonic generator, the operation is intuitive and convenient, and the performance is superior.


Ultrasonic stationery welding equipment can be operated independently or connected to the automated production line, such as some plastic parts with built-in precision electronics, such as micro switches, so the welding effect is very good. Using the same principle is widely used welding equipment: plastic pen holder welding machine, photo album welding machine, plastic toy abacus welding machine.

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