What Should Pay Attention To When Welding With Ultrasonic Welding Machine?

What Should Pay Attention To When Welding With Ultrasonic Welding Machine?

Date:Nov 03, 2020

With the rapid development of industry, when the company receives two plastic products that need to be welded, it will no longer use glue as before. Most engineers will think of using ultrasonic welding machines for welding. Because ultrasonic welding is a high-efficiency welding method, this welding method does not require the use of glue, and does not have the odor of pure heating and melting of plastic, and the speed of ultrasonic welding is very fast. It only takes a few seconds to complete a product. The appearance of the welded products is beautiful and without damage, and the Dezhao Nick ultrasonic welding machine is more and more popular with customers.

However, ultrasonic welding is a high-tech welding method. When using ultrasonic welding machine, there are several problems that need to be paid attention to by the production department. Otherwise, it may cause poor ultrasonic welding of the product and increase the rejection rate. Poor ultrasonic welding means: 1. The upper and lower covers of the plastic parts are not fully welded, resulting in false welding and weak welding; 2. The surface of the welded plastic parts is scratched and the appearance is damaged; 3. The upper and lower covers of the plastic parts are misaligned.

To solve the above problems, we need to pay attention to :

Adjust the downward pressure. The pressure drop has a great relationship with the effect of ultrasonic welding of plastic products. Generally, plastic products rely on ultrasonic vibration and friction to generate heat to achieve the welding effect, rather than relying on pressure to achieve the welding effect. Pressure only plays an auxiliary role. Therefore, the magnitude of the pressure is very important, and you must pay attention !

The surface of the product is pasted with a protective film or a protective film is used for ultrasonic welding. Ultrasonic welding requirements of each customer are very different. Some products are not external, and ultrasonic welding is sufficient, without paying attention to the appearance. But in most cases, the ultrasonic welding requirements of products are relatively high, such as U disk, mobile phone battery, SD card, mouse receiver, etc. How to solve the problem of product surface crushing and scratching has always troubled the ultrasonic welding machine adjustment engineer. To solve this problem, we need to start from many aspects, such as whether the ultrasonic mold is made to fit the product, and whether the ultrasonic mold is smooth.

Adjust the ultrasonic welding time. The length of the ultrasonic welding time directly affects the quality of the products being ultrasonically welded. If the time is too long, the surface of the product will be embossed. If the time is too short, the welding will be weak, false welding, easy to fall off, etc., which can only be adjusted according to specific product needs Time is the best choice.

Fourth, product positioning structure. When designing an ultrasonic welding plastic product, we need to design the alignment structure of the upper and lower plastic parts of the product according to the product characteristics, so that no misalignment occurs during ultrasonic welding.

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