​What Problems Can Occur When Using Ultrasonic Welding?

​What Problems Can Occur When Using Ultrasonic Welding?

Date:Apr 01, 2021

What problems can occur when using ultrasonic welding?

When using an ultrasonic plastic welding machine for welding, even if all aspects are well prepared, there will still be problems of this kind, of which poor welding is often encountered. Welding problems caused by different reasons during welding should be different. To solve this problem, I will sort it out for you today, so that you can solve similar problems in a timely and effective manner in the future.

Problem 1: The effect of ultrasonic welding is inconsistent

Reasons: the proportion of additives is wrong; the quality of the material is not good enough; the injection mold is worn out.

Solution: Adjust and fix the proportion of additives correctly; use high-quality materials; check the injection mold before welding.

Problem 2: Ultrasonic welding surface damage

Reason: Ultrasonic stress is concentrated and damaged; the contact surface of the plastic and the ultrasonic mold does not match.

Solution: Repair the relevant position of the welding head to avoid the air; repair the contact surface to make the plastic and the welding head match.

Problem 3: Ultrasonic welding is not strong

Reason: This situation is mainly due to the input of plastic parts with too little energy.

Solution: increase the welding time or air pressure; increase the amplitude; use a high-power secondary rod; use a high-power welding machine.

Problem four: excessive ultrasonic welding

Reason: When the input plastic parts have too much energy, it will lead to excessive welding. Excessive ultrasonic welding will cause flashing and flashing.

Solution: reduce the welding time or lower the air pressure; reduce the amplitude; use a low-amplitude ratio horn; use a smaller power ultrasonic welding machine.

Question 5: Ultrasonic vibration broken or vibration cracked products

Reason: The plastic part itself is brittle; the amplitude of the ultrasonic wave is too large.

Solution: Thicken the plastic parts; reduce the ultrasonic amplitude; use a low-power ultrasonic horn.

Question 6: Ultrasonic welding through products (ultrasonic perforation)

Reasons: welding time is too long; ultrasonic amplitude is too small; ultrasonic concentrated damage.

Solution: shorten the welding time; increase the amplitude; use a high-power welding machine; thicken the plastic parts.

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