What Kinds Of Plastics Can Be Welded By Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine?

What Kinds Of Plastics Can Be Welded By Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine?

Date:Mar 04, 2021

Plastic welding machine products are used in many fields. For welding machines, performance is important, but not every kind of plastic can be welded. The material does not meet the welding requirements, and the welding machine is also difficult to achieve results. What materials can be welded by the plastic welding machine? I think everyone must be more curious about this issue. Here are the following items and share them with you.

There are thermoplastic materials, elastomers and thermosetting resins: thermoplastic materials are plastics that are heated and are very suitable for ultrasonic welding. Elastomers are plastics processed by cross-linking; they do not respond to ultrasound. It is also suitable for thermosetting resins that cannot be welded by ultrasonic through curing process.

Plastic welding is defined as the molecular material bonding of thermoplastic materials. General rule: Only the same thermoplastic material can be welded uniformly.

All thermoplastic materials (except PTFE) can be welded.

PC, PMMA and ABS can be welded to each other under certain conditions. Through riveting, embedding and die forging, other types of materials can also be bonded to thermoplastic materials. Likewise, thin materials such as PET films or films can be used to bond rigid plastic parts.

Decisive material properties:

Electronic module: promote sound conduction and determine coupling

Damping: promote heating

Melting point: determine the heat requirement

Melt viscosity: high-viscosity melt can be more easily maintained in the joining area, and the process sequence is more uniform

The following factors have a negative impact on solderability:

Additives, such as fire retardants

Moisture (especially polyamide)

The following additives have a positive effect on welding work:

glass fiber

glass bead

These reinforcing materials mainly improve the conductivity of semi-crystalline plastics.

Different plastic materials will affect welding to a large extent. If you want to meet the requirements of the welding machine and ensure the effect, you need to be cautious in the selection of materials. Not all plastics can be welded. This requires everyone to have a certain understanding.

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