​What Is The Reason For The Excessive Current Of The Ultrasonic Welding Machine

​What Is The Reason For The Excessive Current Of The Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Date:Mar 29, 2021

What is the reason for the excessive current of the ultrasonic welding machine

Solution of excessive current in ultrasonic inspection of ultrasonic welding machine:

1. Confirm whether the screws on the welding head are tightly locked (must be locked firmly) The welding head and the transducer should be kept smooth and clean;

2. The welding head is installed (must be locked hard), otherwise it will cause abnormal ultrasonic waves, or burn out the ultrasonic generator in severe cases.

3. After the welding head is installed, turn off the power immediately and press the ultrasonic detection switch. Note that if the ammeter index is normal, it is within 1 ampere. If abnormally high, the frequency needs to be fine-tuned. The normal current of a 2000 watt machine is below 1 ampere, 2000- The current of a 3200 watt ultrasonic machine is generally below 1.5A; if the ultrasonic mold with a small ultrasonic mold is generally the current is also slightly smaller, the mold is larger, the corresponding no-load current will be larger, but it should not exceed this range;

4. Abnormal ultrasonic molds will also cause the ultrasonic current to increase, including: a. Self-made ultrasonic molds. b. Ultrasonic molds have cracks. This phenomenon generally occurs at the slotting position of the mold.

5. The problem of the mold is eliminated. If the current is still too large, then the problem of the transducer + horn must be considered. Remove the ultrasonic vibration system and observe carefully to see if there are cracks on the surface or the piezoelectric ceramic lens is broken. In this case, you need to find a professional ultrasonic repairer to repair; the design and production of ultrasonic molds have a set of strict specifications, and ultrasonic molds cannot be made privately.

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