What Factors Affect The Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Effect?

What Factors Affect The Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Effect?

Date:Jul 26, 2018

      Ultrasonic waves propagate in plastic parts. Plastic parts absorb or attenuate ultrasonic energy more or less, which has a certain influence on the ultrasonic processing effect. Plastics generally have the distinction of amorphous materials, and hard rubber and soft rubber according to hardness. There is also a distinction between the modulus and, in a nutshell, the high-hardness, low-melting plastic ultrasonic processing performance is superior to the low-hardness, high-melting plastic. Therefore, this involves the near-far problem of ultrasonic machining distance.

    Generally speaking, the molecules of different plastic raw materials are different, and the effect of using ultrasonic plastic welding machine will be different. Therefore, we must use materials with high ultrasonic weldability, such as: ABS, PC polycarbonate, etc. material. In addition, product smoothness also has an impact.

      The weld line is the part of the direct melting of the ultrasonic wave, and its design effect directly affects the appearance of the final product and the production process.

       Since plastic products should consider the watertightness and airtightness of the products, when selecting the machine, we should select some experienced manufacturers to customize the production plan for the products, improve the welding efficiency, and avoid plastic melting or compound overflow.

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