What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To For Copper Tube Sealing Machine?

What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To For Copper Tube Sealing Machine?

Date:Jan 05, 2021

What aspects should be paid attention to for copper tube sealing machine?

Ultrasonic Copper Tube Sealing Machine

1. Copper tube sealing machine welding principle Ultrasonic copper tube sealing machine uses the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration friction to convert the energy of ultrasonic vibration into frictional energy and transfer it to the metal surface to be welded. The copper tube sealing machine generates heat while friction When pressure is applied, the metal structure molecules are fully activated to form a new type of device for fusion between molecular layers.

2. Welding characteristics of copper pipe sealing machine:

1) High welding firmness and fast speed.

2) Good electrical conductivity and low internal resistance after welding.

3) The copper tube sealing machine has no oxidation marks and is beautiful.

4) No flux is needed, environmental protection and pollution-free.

5) The welding of copper pipe sealing machine has no sparks, energy saving and safety, and convenient operation.

3. Scope of application of copper tube sealing machine:

1) Battery pole pieces: nickel tape and copper foil, copper tape and copper foil, copper tube sealing machine, nickel tape and aluminum tape, aluminum to nickel, aluminum tape and aluminum foil, aluminum tape and aluminum cover, aluminum shell and aluminum-nickel composite Single-point, multi-point, single-layer, multi-layer, square, strip welding of materials such as strips.

2) Copper tube sealing machine, automotive wiring terminal, automotive wiring harness, motor terminal, relay sheet, electrolysis, capacitor pole piece, carbon brush sheet, heat sink frame sheet, copper tube, copper tube and aluminum sheet, copper tube and copper sheet and other processes Welding.

It should also be noted that when the pipe is under pressure, it is necessary to consider how big the pressure is, what is the diameter of the copper pipe and what is the wall thickness. We can seal copper pipes with a diameter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 0.6 mm within 160 kg. Sealed, if it is an aluminum tube, the blasting force is about 70 kg or less. In addition, after sealing, each industry also has a leakage standard. The refrigerator air-conditioning industry is 0.1 grams per year. The industry standards for water dispensers and density relays are also different. It mainly depends on the leakage standards required by the industry.

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