​What Are The Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

​What Are The Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine

Date:Jan 13, 2021

What are the characteristics of ultrasonic spot welding machine

1. Functional characteristics of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

Synchronous processing action of ultrasonic spot welding machine; manual or automatic can be selected according to requirements; good stability, guarantee consistent welding effect;

The delay time, welding time, curing time, limit depth, welding pressure and other parameters are all adjustable. It can be applied to workpieces with different sizes and longer or larger welding surfaces. It can be applied to any welding surface that can be ultrasonically welded without special requirements. The welding surface can be compensated for plastic margin, and the welding strength is guaranteed. According to the needs of various materials, the output of the welding power can be set

Designed for large, irregular plastic parts, with the precise combination of multiple welding heads and multiple molds, it can be welded and formed at one time, which improves the appearance of the product at production speed.

2. The principle and advantages of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

1) Ultrasonic spot welding machine is a high-tech welding of thermoplastic products, all kinds of thermoplastic plastic parts can be processed by ultrasonic welding, without adding solvents, adhesives or other paving aids, its advantage is to increase the productivity by multiple times , Reduce costs, improve product quality and safe production. .

2) Ultrasonic spot welding machine has many stations and high speed. It is designed for large and irregular plastic parts. It can be formed at one time with the precise combination of multiple welding heads to provide production speed.

3. Application of ultrasonic spot welding machine:

1) Toy manufacturing: manufacturing of large toy plastic parts such as toy guns, toy cars, transformers, etc.

2) Household appliances: Welding of injection molded parts such as golden soft brushes, shower heads, anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, coffee pots, washing machines, air dehumidifiers, electric irons, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners and general containers.

3) Electronics industry: USB connectors, Bluetooth, plastic watch cases, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone cases, battery cases, nylon straps, calculators, audio cases, chargers, batteries, business card holders, folders, photo albums, computer keyboards , Welding of ink cartridges, plastic parts of instruments and meters, and plastic embedding, etc.

4) Automobile manufacturing industry: manufacturing body plastic parts, automobile doors, automobile meters, sun visors, interior parts, filters, reflective materials, reflective road studs, bumpers, cables, plastic filters for motorcycles, Radiators, brake fluid tanks, oil cups, water tanks, fuel tanks, air ducts, exhaust gas purifiers, tray filter plates, automobile headlights, automobile oil cans, welding front corner lights, rear headlights, mirrors, etc. of automobile plastic parts Ultrasonic welding and hot melt welding of injection molded parts

5) Packaging industry: general commercial products such as cosmetic boxes, PVC packaging boxes, toothpaste tubes: typewriter ribbons, video cassettes, audio cassettes, computer disks, etc. Ultrasonic spot welding equipment is suitable for welding non-woven fabrics and drinking fountains. The special welding equipment for ultrasonic filter element is suitable for welding of air filter element, medical filter element, medical liquid filter and so on.

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