Vibration Mode Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Vibrator

Vibration Mode Of Piezoelectric Ceramic Vibrator

Date:Oct 15, 2020

Vibration mode of piezoelectric ceramic vibrator

When piezoelectric vibrators are used in resonators, filters, transducers, delay lines, and acousto-optic devices, most of them use the inverse piezoelectric effect to excite mechanical vibrations in a certain vibration mode. In order to effectively excite the required vibration mode, for a piezoelectric vibrator of a certain crystal material, a specific cut type, a specific shape size and excitation method must be selected; for a vibrator made of piezoelectric ceramic material, an appropriate Polarization direction and certain excitation method. In other words, the shapes and boundary conditions of piezoelectric vibrators of different vibration modes are generally different, so the piezoelectric equations describing the vibrators of different vibration modes are also different.

Generally, in order to understand the working principle of the piezoelectric vibrator and analyze the relationship between the physical parameters of the material and the characteristic frequency of the vibrator, the piezoelectric equations of the piezoelectric vibrator of various vibration modes must be mastered.

The mutual conversion (coupling) between the mechanical energy and electrical energy of the piezoelectric vibrator is realized by the vibration of the vibrator under specific conditions (polarization direction and electric field direction) for a certain size and shape of the vibrator. The vibration mode of piezoelectric vibrator is also called vibration mode.

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