​Unstable Factors Of Ultrasonic Welding

​Unstable Factors Of Ultrasonic Welding

Date:Dec 28, 2020

Unstable factors of ultrasonic welding

Why is the ultrasonic welding machine's welding unstable? What should I do if the welding is normal for a while and abnormal for a while?

There are many reasons for the unstable welding of ultrasonic welding machine:

1. Whether the voltage is stable;

2. Whether the air pressure is stable;

3. The frequency deviation of the mold for a long time leads to unstable welding;

4. The machine has been used for a long time and the internal is worn out;

5. The welding material is not good;

The ultrasonic power is unstable, mainly depends on the matching of the welding electromechanical box and the transducer and the stability of the electronic components.

If such a problem occurs at the beginning of use, the reasons may be:

1. The design power is not enough;

2. Unreasonable parameter settings;

3. The welding surface of the product and the contact surface of the mold are not flat;

4. The welding machine power supply or transducer has problems or the design is unreasonable;

5. Insufficient welding pressure.

If the above problem occurs several hours after starting normal work, please check:

1. After working for a period of time, the working point drifts and needs to be adjusted;

2. Whether there are changes in welding materials, such as material, thickness, size, etc.;

3. Readjust the product welding surface and mold contact surface;

4. The welding machine power supply or transducer is damaged;

5. Increase the welding pressure appropriately;

6. Ultrasonic transducer performance attenuation is too large, replace the welding transducer.

There are many factors that cause the instability of ultrasonic welding. Even a professional ultrasonic repairer may not be able to find out the cause of the fault immediately. This requires the operator of the ultrasonic welding machine to observe carefully during use, and combine the reasons analyzed above. Only then can the real problem lie.

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