Understand The Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Laboratory Dispersion Equipment To Better Use It

Understand The Characteristics Of Ultrasonic Laboratory Dispersion Equipment To Better Use It

Date:Dec 30, 2020

Understand the characteristics of ultrasonic laboratory dispersion equipment to better use it

Ultrasonic laboratory dispersion equipment is mainly composed of three parts: ultrasonic vibration components, special ultrasonic drive power supply and reaction kettle: ultrasonic vibration components mainly include high-power ultrasonic transducer, horn, and tool head (transmitting head), which are used to generate ultrasonic waves. Vibrate and emit this vibrational energy into the liquid. The transducer converts the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, namely ultrasound. Its manifestation is that the transducer stretches back and forth in the longitudinal direction, and the amplitude is generally several microns. This amplitude power density is not enough and cannot be used directly. The horn is designed to amplify the amplitude, isolate the reaction solution and the transducer, and also play a role in fixing the entire ultrasonic vibration system. The tool head is connected with the horn, the horn transmits the ultrasonic energy vibration to the tool head, and then the ultrasonic energy is emitted into the chemical reaction liquid by the tool head. Next, I will introduce to you the characteristics of the ultrasonic laboratory dispersion equipment. 

1. Ultrasonic laboratory dispersing equipment can increase the extraction rate of the extracted ingredients and shorten the extraction time. The strong cavitation, mechanical, and thermal effects produced by ultrasonic waves can accelerate the effective ingredients of medicinal materials into the solvent, thereby improving the extraction efficiency. Compared with the extraction method, it can greatly improve the product extraction rate and resource utilization, shorten the production cycle, save raw materials and improve economic benefits. In addition, the extract has a high content of active ingredients, which is conducive to further refinement and separation.

2. Reduce energy consumption and improve economic benefits. Because ultrasonic extraction does not require heating or the heating temperature is low, the extraction time is short, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and improve economic benefits. Ultrasonic extraction technology is convenient to operate, high extraction rate, and can make full use of Chinese medicine resources. At the same time, it reduces environmental pollution, provides a new extraction method for the modernization of Chinese medicine, and improves the cumbersome conventional extraction process.

3. There is no need to heat during the extraction process, which is suitable for the extraction of heat-sensitive substances. Because the thermal effect produced by ultrasonic extraction in the limited extraction time, the temperature of the solvent is not high, avoiding the conventional decoction and reflux extraction method for long-term heating of the effective ingredients of the medicinal materials The adverse effects. The above is all the content that the editor brings to you today, and I hope it will enable you to better understand this product.

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