​Ultrasonic Welding Process Application

​Ultrasonic Welding Process Application

Date:Dec 10, 2020

Ultrasonic welding process application

Ultrasonic welding application method

1. Welding method:

    The welding head vibrating with ultrasonic ultra-high frequency under moderate pressure makes the joint surfaces of the two plastics generate frictional heat and melt and join instantly. The welding strength is comparable to that of the main body. The use of suitable workpieces and reasonable interface design can achieve water tightness and It is airtight and avoids the inconvenience caused by the use of auxiliary products, and realizes efficient and clean welding.

2. Riveting method:

    The ultrasonic super-high-frequency vibration welding head is pressed against the protruding tip of the plastic product to instantly heat and melt into a rivet shape, so that materials of different materials are mechanically riveted together.

3. Embedding:

    With the propagation of the welding head and proper pressure, metal parts (such as nuts, screws, etc.) are instantly squeezed into the reserved plastic holes, and fixed to a certain depth. After completion, regardless of the tension and torque, it can be comparable to traditional molds. Strength, can avoid the shortcomings of injection mold damage and slow injection.

4. Forming:

    This method is similar to the riveting method. The concave welding head is pressed against the outer ring of the plastic product. After the welding head undergoes ultrasonic ultra-high frequency vibration, the plastic is melted into shape and covered with the metal object to fix it, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful. The methods are mostly used in the fixing and forming of electronics, speakers, and the fixing of lenses in cosmetics.

5. Spot welding:

    A. There is no need to design the welding wire in advance to achieve the purpose of welding.

    B. For relatively large workpieces, it is not easy to design the welding line to perform split-point welding to achieve the welding effect, which can be spot welded at multiple points at the same time.

6. Cutting and sealing:

    Using the working principle of instantaneous ultrasonic vibration to cut chemical fiber fabrics, its advantages are smooth and clean without cracking or drawing.

    The above are several usages of ultrasonic welding machine in plastic welding

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