Ultrasonic Welding Of Lithium Ion Battery

Ultrasonic Welding Of Lithium Ion Battery

Date:Jul 25, 2019

Ultrasonic Welding of Lithium Ion Battery

Ultrasonic welding of lithium-ion battery ear is mainly divided into single-point and multi-point welding. Another important application is ultrasonic welding of automatic pole piece welding machine and automatic winding machine.

For lithium ion electric construction, the positive and negative single layer copper and aluminum foils are welded with nickel sheets or copper sheets and aluminum sheets. The copper foil is about 0.08 mm, the aluminum foil is about 0.01 mm, and the nickel and aluminum sheets are about 0.1 mm.

1.The single-point welding can be selected from the 20-domain 40K welder, and the 40k full-wave welding head is selected in the automatic twisting machine.

2.The shape of the weld head is determined according to the requirements of the battery pole piece and material.


3. The design of the weld head and the bottom anvil is critical. Companies that are not doing well will be processed by wire cutting or electrolytic etching for the grain processing. These two processes have defects of poor consistency. 


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