Ultrasonic Textile Sealing And Cutting Process

Ultrasonic Textile Sealing And Cutting Process

Date:Oct 22, 2020

We cut and seal precisely

Ultrasonic energy has been widely used for cutting textiles, woven bags/plastics, etc. and downstream processing. Many of these uses are based on the ability to use ultrasonic energy to sense heat and pressure through vibration.

The use of Ultrasonic Cutting & Sealing technology makes the production of non-woven fabrics and woven fabrics economical and safe, and customers in the medical, packaging, textile and engineering industries highly value it.

With our ultrasonic cutting and sealing technology, we are able to separate accurately and quickly, and weld the edges in a delicate and reliable way. The main advantage of the ultrasonic sealing and cutting method is that while the edges of the textile material are being cut at the same time, they will be sealed by the consumption of ultrasonic energy, thus avoiding the edge abrasion or the line spreading and will not change color. The fabric and very strong, uniform, smooth, clean and long-lasting edges without being overly thick and low energy consumption.

Altrasonic manufactures a wide range of ultrasonic cutting and sealing systems to provide effective sealing with the best features. These products are known for their effective operation and reliability.

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