Ultrasonic Sewing Machine For Various Fabrics

Ultrasonic Sewing Machine For Various Fabrics

Date:Oct 23, 2020


The apparel manufacturing industry has enduring development , and the work efficiency and quality stability of traditional sewing machines are gradually emerging problems. In order to solve this problem and better meet the production requirements of customers , ultrasonic welding has been widely used in sewing machine equipment. Compared with traditional sewing machine , ultrasonic sewing machines have become more and more popular.


Rotary welding horns width12mm
The horn's surface hardnessmore than HRC60
Real-time displayworking frequency and working current
Synchronizing wheel specifications46XL Trapezoidal Tooth , width 16mm
Synchronizing belt matchedlength 730mm / width 12mm
Allowable rotation speed100r/min
Power supplyanalog and digital generator for selection
Rotary wheeltitanium material and ceramic finish , more wear-resisting


Apply to lace clothing , ribbon , trim , filter , lacing and quilting , decoration products , handkerchief , tablecloth , curtain , bedspread , pillowcase , quily cover , tent , raincoat , disposable operating coat and hat , disposable mask , non-woven fabric bags and so on.


1. High work efficiency

2. The edge banding is clean and beautiful

3. Stable quality

4. Variety of patterns, anvil rolls can be customized

5. CNC power supply, intelligent control

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