Ultrasonic Plastic Characteristic Analysis Table

Ultrasonic Plastic Characteristic Analysis Table

Date:Jul 22, 2019

Ultrasonic plastic characteristic analysis table

Ultrasonic plastic welding characteristics analysis:

Ultrasonic welding is very popular in daily production and life. Many factories and enterprises have gradually replaced the traditional screwing and viscose processes with ultrasonic welding in the manufacturing process.

This not only improves production efficiency, saves labor costs, but also effectively supervises and controls production quality, thereby effectively controlling production costs and improving efficiency.

But not all materials can be welded with ultrasonic waves? Which materials are suitable for ultrasonic welding? Lingke Ultrasound provides you with professional reference materials in the industry:


Ultrasonic plastic characteristics analysis


The above information can be used to evaluate whether the product is suitable for ultrasonic welding to achieve the welding process. Of course, different products have different requirements for determining the feasibility of ultrasonic welding because of their different materials, appearance rules and requirements. In practice, we can find a professional ultrasonic welding factory to assist in the completion. Altrasonic can customize the ultrasonic welding program according to customer needs. The whole process is one-on-one consulting service, and the production equipment and testing equipment are complete.

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