Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Date:May 28, 2019

Ultrasonic metal welding

1. Welding principle

Ultrasonic metal welding uses high-frequency vibration waves to transmit to two metal surfaces to be welded. Under pressure, the two metal surfaces rub against each other to form a fusion between the molecular layers.

2. Welding advantages

(1) The welding material does not melt and is not fragile.

(2) It can achieve welding between the same species, heterogeneous, metal and non-metal.

(3) It is suitable for welding of high thermal conductivity and conductive metals such as copper and aluminum without heating and energization.

(4) Good electrical conductivity after welding, the resistance coefficient is extremely low or nearly zero.

(5) The welding metal surface is required to be low, and the oxidation or electroplating can be welded.

(6) The welding time is short and does not require any flux, gas or solder.

(7) Welding without sparks, environmental protection and safety.

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