Ultrasonic Horn Definition

Ultrasonic Horn Definition

Date:Dec 08, 2020

Ultrasonic horn definition


what is the ultrasonic horn:

Ultrasonic horns are a generic term for all ultrasonic transmitters and are an integral part of ultrasonic welding equipment. Its function is to couple the ultrasonic waves generated by the transducer into the object being processed. Because it is to transmit ultrasonic waves, the welding head must work in a resonant state, that is, its natural resonant frequency should match the transducer. Secondly, the amplitude should be uniform, and the shape of the end face of the welding head should be adapted to the shape of the workpiece to be welded.

The choice of ultrasonic welding head material (titanium alloy, magnesium aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy steel, etc.).


the design of ultrasonic horn:

The ultrasonic welding head (ultrasonic welding mold) directly contacts the object to be welded, and is responsible for transmitting ultrasonic vibration energy to the object to be welded. According to the ultrasonic frequency of the source, the welding head with the matching frequency must be used, and different frequencies cannot be mixed. In order to achieve the best welding effect, the welding head must be precisely designed so that it can transmit the vibration energy completely. In addition to selecting the appropriate material according to the product characteristics and special requirements, FEM analysis method is often used to evaluate the pros and cons of the welding head design. For designers, it can improve product yield and shorten process.

Improper processing of the horn or the use of untuned horns can damage the welding process and cause costly damage to the production, which can directly lead to damage to the transducer or amplifier.

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