Ultrasonic Hand Welding Gun Introduced By Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Ultrasonic Hand Welding Gun Introduced By Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Date:Dec 29, 2020

Ultrasonic hand welding gun introduced by ultrasonic welding equipment

There are many types of welding equipment used in industrial production. Ultrasonic is one of them. In this era of advocating customization, each product has its own field of expertise. Ultrasonic welding equipment is also the same. I will introduce you to the ultrasonic hand welding gun:


The principle of the ultrasonic hand welding gun is to convert the high frequency current into the appropriate frequency current (usually 35KHZ) through the ultrasonic generator (smart electric box), and then convert it into the mechanical energy of the same frequency through the ultrasonic transducer.

The welding time is generally less than 1S, and the welding strength is high, the production efficiency is high, the welding quality is good, environmental protection and energy saving.

Classification of ultrasonic hand welding guns:

Ultrasonic hand welding guns are further subdivided into: ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine, riveting spot welding machine, embedding machine, cutting machine, etc. according to their functional applicability.

Main parameter standard of ultrasonic hand welding gun:

Frequency: 30~35Khz (generally higher frequency).

Power: Design according to the power required by the product, not too large, generally 1000W.

Common areas of ultrasonic hand welding guns:

Garment processing, auto parts, trademarks, plastic electronic parts willow welding, household goods industry, etc.

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