Ultrasonic Frequency Impedance Analyzer

Ultrasonic Frequency Impedance Analyzer

Date:Sep 28, 2020

Ultrasonic Frequency Impedance Analyzer 

The ultrasonic impedance analyzer can measure and evaluate to match the circuit.

For piezoelectric ceramic chip, we can directly judge the quality of the device from the admittance circle diagram and logarithmic coordinates. If there is delamination or crack in the ceramic chip, the logarithmic curve will appear many peaks, and there are many parasitic circles on the admittance circle diagram.

For the production and processing of ultrasonic welding machine, the state of the welding machine is analyzed by the results of admittance circle, and the existing problems of the welding machine are found through the analysis of parameters and figures


For the production and processing of ultrasonic cleaning machine: the selection of vibrator requires that its vibration performance should be as consistent as possible (bandwidth, quality factor, resonance frequency, dynamic impedance). On the admittance circle diagram, there should be no parasitic circle or parasitic circle near the resonance point as far as possible. It can analyze and measure the impedance characteristics of the transducer and cleaning machine after the manufacture, incoming inspection, bonding, etc. for cleaning The measurement of the whole washing machine can calibrate the resonance frequency and static capacitance of the machine, so as to match the power supply, and analyze the characteristics of its new resonance point, impedance after water injection, capacitance and vibration mode of the whole machine

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