Ultrasonic Fixture Production (1)

Ultrasonic Fixture Production (1)

Date:Jul 31, 2019

Ultrasonic Fixture Production (1)

I. Overview

Ultrasonic fixtures are commonly known as ultrasonic molds and ultrasonic welding heads (Horn), which consist of two parts, the upper and lower molds. The mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic wave is amplified by the amplifier and transmitted to the welding head. The shape and size of the welding head depend on the surface of the workpiece, and the welding head is fixed to the lower end of the amplifier by a screw coupling method. Different product welding requirements are different, and the design requirements for the welding head are different. As shown below:



II. Tooling production

What should we pay attention to when producing a set of ultrasonic molds? Altrasonic offers tailor-made plastic welding solutions, based on years of experience serving customers, ultrasonic welding heads to summarize the following experience.


1. First determine the welding requirements of the product, determine the life cycle and wear rate of the ultrasonic mold, and select the appropriate metal material according to these requirements.


2. Followed by the shape requirements, and which welding process to use, as well as the size of the ultrasonic mold, pressure transmission area, power size, whether the welding will deform the product, whether it can achieve a one-time perfect welding.


3. The material of its own product, to be targeted, which determines the amplitude of the mold, should accept the form, size and position of the ultrasonic energy conduction line. How to design the contact position when different plastic combinations are needed, these need to be considered.


4. Ultrasonic fixtures can best surround the bottom and surrounding of the products to be welded, which can provide better support and avoid the displacement of plastic parts due to vibration waves during the welding process;


5. The shape of the contact surface of the ultrasonic fixture itself can be perfectly matched with the surface of the product, so as to avoid the appearance of the finished product after welding due to the gap between the two welded parts. For the convenience of pick-and-place parts, 10 wires can be reserved;


6. In order to prolong the service life of the ultrasonic fixture and avoid the appearance of the finished product, the bottom tooling is best to be polished.


The welding head belongs to the electronic mold. Different from the plastic mold or other mechanical mold, the parameters should match the machine. Please find a professional ultrasonic plastic welding factory.


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