Ultrasonic Cutting VS Plasma Torch Cutting For Fabric Cutting

Ultrasonic Cutting VS Plasma Torch Cutting For Fabric Cutting

Date:Jul 16, 2018

Ultrasonic cutting VS plasma torch cutting for fabric cutting 


Ultrasonic Cutting

The basic principles are features of ultrasonic cutting are as below:

· Ultrasonic cutting is the most recent system.

· Vibration frequencies in the 20 kHz range produce 1/20 mm movement in the blade.

· No need of bristle base like computer controlled cutting.

· Disposable knife blades save sharpening time.

· Knifes last for 10-14 days in moderate use.

· Two cutting heads are used, moving in different but synchronized paths.

· Up to 10 plies can be cut and low vacuum only needed.



Plasma Torch cutting

· In this system, fabrics are cut by a thin compressed air blow of high temperature ionized Argon gas through nozzle.

· One or more fabric plies can be cut.

· This system is more useful for cutting single ply fabric.

· The fabrics are cut by placing over a table.

· The surface of which must be placed in a perforated blanked place.

· Still now this system is under research.

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