Ultrasonic Cutting Application

Ultrasonic Cutting Application

Date:Mar 31, 2021
Ultrasonic Cutting Application

Ultrasonic cutting is used in a wide range of applications, including non-metallic cutting, food cutting, tire cutting and fabric cutting.


Ultrasonic non-metallic material cutting:

Ultrasonic trimming and cutting is ideal for a variety of non-metallic materials including plastics, film, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and non-woven fabrics. Applications include automotive interior components such as door trim, steering wheels, instrument panels, consoles and HVAC molded components, as well as most all injected, vacuum, rotational or blow molded parts for general industry usage.

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Ultrasonic fabric cutting:

Ultrasonic fabric cutters are designed to provide edge seals on all fabrics without the need to adjust the machine for different fabrics or thicknesses. This increases production efficiency, reduces downtime, and changes the way in which various fabrics are cut. The ultrasonic fabric cutting machine has a strong heat and is quickly concentrated on the cutting/sealing head for cutting. All fabrics have an excellent edge seal and it is important to prevent wear.


Ultrasonic rubber cutting:

Provides superior cutting compared to any other mechanical means currently available, ensuring material integrity. Ultra-high vibration is achieved by ultrasonic vibration, so there is no sawing action, which makes the material more uniform and less stress. The ultrasonic cutting process also guarantees cutting speed, safety, cost effectiveness and smoothness of the finished product. The cutting tool is manufactured internally by precision wire cutting to produce precise contours, reduce tool stress and extend service life.


Ultrasonic food cutting:

Compared with traditional cutting machines, ultrasonic food cutting machines are more sanitary, have shorter downtime, better cost-effectiveness, high consistency on the cutting surface, and sharp edges for a long time. When the ultrasonic cutter cuts the food such as cakes, cheese, pizza, meat, etc., the vibration is reduced, and no residue of the product is produced. Ultrasonic food cutting surface is smooth, no deformation, no thermal damage and other characteristics have been widely used in the food cutting industry.


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