Ultrasonic Amplitude Measuring Instrument

Ultrasonic Amplitude Measuring Instrument

Date:Dec 08, 2020

Ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument


Ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrument is a device specially used for ultrasonic amplitude measurement, which can be used to measure the output amplitude of ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic horn and tool head.


Ultrasonic amplitude refers to the amplitude of ultrasonic equipment. Usually the frequency is between 10kHz and 60kHz, and the amplitude is between 1μm and 200μm. Because of the high frequency and small amplitude, the measurement is also larger.

The frequency of ultrasonic welding equipment exceeds the frequency range of most measuring instruments.


The amplitude of ultrasonic welding equipment puts forward high requirements on measurement accuracy.

Common testing methods are powerless to it, so it is difficult to measure. Generally, only a laser vibrometer can be used for measurement, and good results can be obtained. However, laser vibration measurement equipment is expensive and complicated to operate.


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