​Ultrasonic Alcohol Alcoholization Equipment

​Ultrasonic Alcohol Alcoholization Equipment

Date:Dec 09, 2020

Ultrasonic alcohol alcoholization equipment

Liquor aging meaning: the freshly steamed wine is too new to achieve the soft, harmonious and mellow effect, and the aged wine can be more excellent in aroma and taste.

Aging mechanism:

(1) Promote association: enhance the affinity between polar molecules, not only enhance the degree of association between alcohol molecules and water molecules, but also may form a larger and firmer association group between polar molecules. At the same time, in order to promote the enhancement of the esterification reaction and the production of ester molecules in the system, certain esters and acids may also be associated with this association group.

(2) Enhance the molecular activation energy of various substances: improve the effective collision rate between molecules, accelerate the esterification, condensation, redox and other reactions, which is beneficial to form the alcohol ester brewing flavor of the wine.

(3) Accelerate the volatilization of low-boiling components: due to the increase of molecular kinetic energy, the possible presence of hydrogen sulfide, acetaldehyde and other components will accelerate the escape from the wine, quickly eliminating pungent and other odors.

Ultrasonic irradiation can promote the reproduction of yeast, shorten the fermentation time and increase the aroma of wine. Ultrasound is also used to accelerate the aging of wine. The wine undergoes high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves, and lipids are accelerated to combine with ethanol and water. Stored for a short time, the wine has a mellow taste, sweet and soft.

Ultrasonic aging of rice wine has obvious effects. The content change trend of acid, alcohol, aldehyde, vinegar and ester in the wine is similar to that of traditional aging.

The aroma of liquor will change after ultrasonic treatment. Ultrasonic treatment can promote the aging of liquor and has certain influence on liquor degree, total acid, total fat, methanol content, etc.

The bitterness of hops will appear when the beer is ultrasonically treated for 5 minutes, and the use of ultrasonic waves in beer production can save raw materials.

Ultrasonic treatment of wine can not only age the wine, but also settle the suspended solids and other fine particles, which can be stabilized within two years.

In the production process of health medicinal wine, ultrasonic waves can be used to extract the effective ingredients of medicinal materials, and the medicinal wine can also be subjected to ultrasonic aging, which is a perfect embodiment of multiple functions.

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