Types Of Ultrasonic Equipment

Types Of Ultrasonic Equipment

Date:Jun 01, 2018

Ultrasonic welding

Thermoplastic welding method whereby two plastics are fused together by ultrasonic vibration due to heat generated by friction between surface molecules.

2. Ultrasonic metal welding

Ultrasonic metal welding is the use of high frequency vibration wave to the two need to welding of metal surface, in the case of pressure, make the two metal surfaces rubbing against each other to form a fusion between molecular layer, its advantage is that fast, energy conservation, high fusion strength, good conductivity, no spark, close to the cold processing; The disadvantage is that the welded metal parts shall not be too thick (generally less than or equal to 5mm), the welding spot shall not be too large and need to be pressurized.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine with ultrasonic generator to produce super audio power of 20 KHZ, with a transducer with frequency converted into mechanical vibration was introduced into cleaning fluid, the forward conduction ultrasound density interaction, the tiny bubbles, the bubbles are formed in the negative pressure zone of ultrasonic longitudinal transmission and growth, and in positive pressure area quickly broken. The formation, growth and rapid rupture of these tiny bubbles is called "cavitation effect". After the bursting of bubbles in the cavitation effect produced more than 10000 atmospheres of instantaneous high pressure, continuous produce of instantaneous high pressure as a series of small explosions hit the object surface, the surface dirt off quickly.

4. Ultrasonic hot melt machine

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