Cutting Technology optimizes the effectiveness of robot solutions

Cutting Technology optimizes the effectiveness of robot solutions

Date:May 28, 2018

 Cutting Technology optimizes the effectiveness of robot solutions



System Calibration Tools


Dynamic Robotic Solutions and FANUC Robotics have developed a set of

complementary software tools that allow users to quickly and accurately

achieve process repeatability. The tools also give users the ability to

transfer programs from one robot to another with minimal touch-up of

programmed points, further saving time and simplifying program

maintenance. System Calibration Tools include:


TCPCal: Software that helps users calculate the robot TCP (Tool Center

Point) value in less than two minutes.

RobotCal: Software that allows users to accurately and automatically

master the robot without use of a mastering fixture, set the TCP location,

and accomplish robot mastering recovery.

CellCal: Software-based solution used to set up a work cell or fixture in

order to define a master frame of reference relative to the robot.


AccuFind is a combination of hardware and software used specifically with

parts that have warped, bowed, or shrunk from their original dimensions.

AccuFind uses a sensor to determine the part's new dimensions, and then

applies offsets to an existing trim program to compensate for the part's

new dimensions.


The same process can be used for cutting, drilling holes and slots, as

well as for routing the material to a pre-defined depth (ex. weakening the

carrier of an instrument panel around the airbag pocket). Utilizing a

spindle with tool change capabilities permits the robot to automatically

select the proper tool for the application.


The fixture design is essential for the accuracy of the process and both

mechanical clamping or/and vacuum cups can be used to hold the part in

position. Sensors permit to detect if the part is properly positioned on

the fixture before launching the program. A special ventilation system

permits to extract the dust from the cell and separate the particle from

the air.

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