Traditional Cutter And Ultrasonic Cutter

Traditional Cutter And Ultrasonic Cutter

Date:Mar 30, 2021
Traditional Cutter and Ultrasonic Cutter
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Traditional cutter:


1. Need sharp cutting edges to increase the requirements for blades;

2. Cloth cutting cannot be edge-sealed. Cutting edges easily cause chipping and damage;

3. Sticky objects are difficult to cut, and it is easy to stick the knife, affecting the cutting effect and efficiency;

4. Need to apply pressure to the object when cutting, which will easily deform soft or fragile food;

5. When cutting some items, a large amount of debris and debris will be generated, increasing waste.



Advantages of ultrasonic cutting:


1. High stability: 40KHz electromagnetic vibration is generated when the ultrasonic generator is working, and it is converted into mechanical vibration and transmitted to the cutting knife and the material to be cut. Mechanically, it does not need sharp cutting edges, and the blade wears less. At the same time, you can change the cutter head by yourself.

2. No pollution: When the ultrasonic knife is cutting, the temperature of the blade is lower than 50 ℃, so no smoke and odor will be generated, which eliminates the danger of injury and fire during cutting.

3. Neat cutting: Because ultrasonic cutting is performed by high-frequency vibration, the material will not adhere to the blade surface. It requires less pressure when cutting, and does not deform and wear on fragile and soft materials. The fabric is cut automatically at the same time It will not cause collapse.

4. Simple operation: The cutter is connected to an ultrasonic generator, the generator is connected to 220V mains power, and the switch can be cut by turning on the switch. It supports handheld cutting and is equipped with an air-cooled interface.

5. A wide range of applications: all kinds of textile materials and plastic sheets can be ultrasonically cut, such as natural fibers, synthetic fibers, non-woven fabrics and knitted fabrics can be ultrasonically cut.

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