The Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Atomization

The Working Principle Of Ultrasonic Atomization

Date:Sep 09, 2020

       Ultrasonic nozzle, also called ultrasonic atomizing nozzle, is an ultrasonic atomizing device based on the principle of horn transducer. It atomizes the liquid through amplified high-frequency ultrasonic oscillation, and then sends the liquid mist to the sprayed object or a specific space through a certain amount of carrier gas. With its unique advantages, ultrasonic nozzles have been widely used in nano and sub-micron functional coating spraying, spray pyrolysis and spray drying. At the same time, ultrasonic spraying also has the advantages of uniform atomization particles, high precision, extremely low air pressure, 4 times higher raw material utilization rate, and no clogging.


        Through the special airflow channel design, the spray shape of the ultrasonic atomizing nozzle can be changed. Usually according to the spray shape and spray width, it can be divided into: convergent ultrasonic nozzle, wide spray ultrasonic nozzle, micro ultrasonic nozzle, diffuse ultrasonic nozzle. Below we will introduce the advantages and characteristics of various ultrasonic nozzles.


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