The Use Principle Of Ultrasonic Hand-held Cutting Knife Ultrasonic Cutting Introduction

The Use Principle Of Ultrasonic Hand-held Cutting Knife Ultrasonic Cutting Introduction

Date:Jan 22, 2021

The use principle of ultrasonic hand-held cutting knife Ultrasonic cutting Introduction

The principle of the 40K ultrasonic hand-held cutting knife is completely different from the traditional cutting. It uses ultrasonic energy to heat and melt the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp edge, nor does it require a lot of pressure, and will not cause chipping or breakage of the material being cut. At the same time, because the cutting knife is vibrating ultrasonically, the friction resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easy to stick to the blade. This is particularly effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, rubber, etc., or objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure.

Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage, that is, it has fusion in the cutting part while cutting. The cutting part is ground-sealed, which can prevent the loosening of the cut material (such as textile material flash).

The use of the ultrasonic cutting machine can also be expanded, such as digging holes, shoveling, scraping paint, carving, slitting, etc.

Introduction to Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasound can not only separate and cut non-woven fabrics and textiles neatly, but also slice various foods.

According to different application scenarios, the cutting knife can be installed vertically, horizontally, or even continuously (ie rolling). Ultrasonic tool heads as cutting tools have relatively low wear, and because they are cold, they can process a variety of materials.

In the food industry, ultrasonic cutting knives are mainly used to cut various types of cheese, cakes, sandwiches and other bakery products and candies, dried meat, sausages, dough or frozen products. Ultrasonic cutting equipment can not only divide food, but also through the micro-vibration of the blade 20,000 times per second (20kHz/s), it can greatly reduce the frictional resistance between the materials when cutting cakes and other pastry products. The food will not be compressed or squeezed. Deformed under pressure, the cut surface is smooth and neat.

In the textile industry, its characteristic is that the edges of non-woven fabrics or fabrics are not worn after cutting. Instead, they are automatically sealed (edge-sealed) or melted by ultrasonic high-frequency vibration. This technology is used in special machines in various industries, such as the cutting of non-woven fabrics or fabrics in the automotive industry.

For the textile and food industries, we mainly provide ultrasonic systems and components, which can be used in automated production lines, and can also be customized for automatic cutting equipment.

Ultrasonic handheld cutting equipment (portable, manual cutting use)

Ultrasonic hand-held cutting equipment can be used to cut cakes, French baguettes, cheese, bread, dried fruits, candies, etc. It can easily cut pastry materials or products that are difficult to cut by ordinary cutting methods in small-scale pastry shops, and the cut surface is neat and smooth.

Ultrasonic industrial material cutting

The vibration frequency range of the ultrasonic blade is 20kHz or 30kHz, and it can cut hard-to-cut materials such as rubber sheets and carbon fiber sheets.

This equipment uses high-speed micro-vibration of 20,000 to 30,000 times per second (20kHz-30kHz/sec) of the blade, which minimizes the friction between materials and reduces the hard-to-cut synthetic resin products, rubber products, non-woven fabrics, film, and composite materials. Damage caused by products in various industrial fields.

It can be used for manual work or installed on automated equipment.

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