The Structure Principle Of Ultrasonic Transducer

The Structure Principle Of Ultrasonic Transducer

Date:Nov 24, 2020

The ultrasonic transducer is the heart of the ultrasonic welding machine, just like the engine of a car, it converts the high-frequency electric energy or magnetic energy output by the ultrasonic generator into mechanical vibration of the same frequency.

It mainly includes shell, acoustic window (matching layer), piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer, backing, lead-out cable, receiver, etc.

Among them, the piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer plays the same role as the general transducer, mainly used to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves; and on the piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer is the receiver, which is mainly led by the cable , Transducer, metal ring and rubber gasket, used as an ultrasonic receiver to receive the Doppler callback signal generated outside the frequency band of the piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer.

That is, piezoelectric ceramics that resonate at ultrasonic frequencies. The piezoelectric effect of the material converts electrical signals into mechanical vibrations. Ultrasonic transducer is an energy conversion device. Its function is to convert the input electric power into mechanical power (ultrasound) and then transmit it out. It consumes a small part of its own power. Types: can be divided into piezoelectric transducers, sandwich transducers, cylindrical transducers, inverted horn transducers, etc.

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