​The Origin Of Ultrasonic Food Cutter

​The Origin Of Ultrasonic Food Cutter

Date:Jan 26, 2021

The origin of ultrasonic food cutter

In view of the sticky knife, food shape damage and the need to clean the knife regularly in the actual application of traditional food cutting machine, it is proposed to introduce ultrasonic technology into the design of food cutting machine to convert ultrasonic energy into vibration, and use high frequency The way of vibration quickly handles food.

Ultrasonic food cutting equipment is designed with a unique food worktable rotary motion device and horizontal linear motion device. The motion of the ultrasonic cutting knife can achieve 360° cutting at any angle in the plane, and can cut the entire plate of sheet food into a specified polygon , To avoid the phenomenon of manual cutting uneven. The food cut surface cut by this machine is clean and tidy, and the size and weight of the food pieces are accurate*, which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional cutting machines.

The automatic food cutting device is a typical food machinery, which can obtain the desired shape and size by mechanically cutting the material, which is widely used in different procedures of the food processing technology. Due to the mechanical shearing characteristics and the influence of food sticking knives, traditional food cutting devices not only need to clean the knives regularly, but also easily damage the overall shape of the food, which greatly reduces the production efficiency of the device.

When the processing objects are soft or elastic materials that are easy to stick to the knife, such as cream, chocolate, and solid oil, the impact on production efficiency and production cost is particularly obvious. At present, the widely used cake cutting machine adopts ordinary stainless steel cutting knife. Although it can achieve automatic cutting, the cut is easy to be damaged and edge collapsed. It needs to be shut down frequently and the production efficiency is low. In addition, the whole machine lacks an intelligent control system and can only complete a single type of cutting task, and cannot realize multiple cutting schemes through program settings.

Ultrasonic food cutting equipment is completed through the physical process of ultrasonic generation, transmission and reception, and its energy can be used to change certain states of materials. Ultrasonic technology is widely used in vibration cutting. In addition to processing ordinary materials, ultrasonic vibration can also process high-hard, soft, thin, and brittle materials and food5. Ultrasonic vibration cutting is an important part of the ultrasonic machining technology. It has better processing performance than ordinary cutting. It applies high-frequency vibration to the conventional cutting tool to make the tool and the workpiece have intermittent contact, thus making the traditional cutting The model has undergone a fundamental change back. Ultrasonic cutting does not require sharp cutting edges or high cutting pressure. Therefore, it will not cause chipping or breakage of the material being cut. At the same time, because the frictional resistance of the ultrasonic cutting knife is extremely small when it is vibrating, the food to be cut is not easy to stick to the blade, and the phenomenon of sticking to the knife is basically eliminated. When the object to be cut is soft, elastic or sticky food, the effect of ultrasonic cutting is particularly obvious. In addition, another major advantage of ultrasonic cutting is that while cutting, the cutting part has fusion, and the cutting part is sealed tightly, which can prevent the loosening of the cut food tissue.

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