The Introductuion Of Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer

The Introductuion Of Ultrasonic Impedance Analyzer

Date:Aug 09, 2018

   Ultrasonic impedance analyzer is mainly used for all kinds of ultrasonic device measuring impedance characteristics, including: piezoelectric ceramics, transducer, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, acoustic, magnetostrictive materials, ultrasonic grinding mill, ultrasonic atomizer, ultrasonic teeth cleaning and reversing radar, ultrasonic ranging, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic motor, and so on.

   The characteristics of the impedance analyzer are: easy to use, the combination of indicators and graphics, accurate parameters, low price, and very strong production guidance.

   The precondition of using the device correctly is to do the impedance measurement of piezoelectric device. For piezoelectric devices, by impedance analyzer can get its main parameters, including:

resonance frequency Fs,

anti-resonant frequency Fp,

half power point of F1 and F2,

zui admittance Gmax,

electrostatic capacitors C0,

Dynamic reactance R1,

Dynamic capacitance C1,

Dynamic inductance L1,

 freedom capacitance CT,

free dielectric constant

mechanical quality factor Qm,

Electromechanical coupling coefficient Keff., Kp, K31, K33, etc.,

   It also can draw five kinds of characteristic curve of piezoelectric devices (admittance characteristic figure, impedance characteristics graph, admittance polar diagram, impedance polar diagram, logarithmic coordinate chart).

Our advantages include cost, simple operation and friendly software interface. Users can store, print any graphics, or save the parameters into computer Excel, greatly improving the convenience of users, users can also customize their own qualified conditions, the software can automatically determine eligibility.

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