The Introduction Of Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

The Introduction Of Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

Date:Aug 02, 2018

   Ultrasonic wire splicer for multi-unit copper welding is through using the metal welding technology, converting into the vibration from the high frequency electric through transducer and transmitting the power to the metal wire. When the temperature of heat generated by vibration and friction reaches the melting point of wire bundle metal, the wire bundle will be melted, and the wire bundle welding device will exert certain pressure while the wire bundle welding device is fused. When the splicer device moves away and stops mechanical vibration, the wire bundle welding effect will be formed.

    In the welding process, there is no current passing through the welded parts, nor is there any arc generation in the welding mode. As ultrasonic welding has no problems of heat conduction and resistivity, it is undoubtedly an ideal wire beam welding system for non-ferrous metal materials. Ultrasonic wire splicer machine is the derivative equipment of metal welding. The effect ultrasonic wire splicer is usually square.

The features of wire splicer:

1. The two welded objects are overlapped, and the solid form is synthesized by ultrasonic vibration compression. The joint time is short, and the joint part does not produce defects of casting tissue (rough surface).

2. Compared with resistance welding, the mould has a long life, less time for repair and replacement, and it is easy to realize automation.

3. Ultrasonic welding can be carried out between different metals of the same metal, which is much less energy consuming than electric gas welding.

4. Compared with other pressure welding, welding requires less pressure and less than 10% variation, while cold pressure welding requires 40% to 90% deformation of the work piece.

5. Ultrasonic welding does not require pretreatment of the welded surface and post-treatment as other welding processes.

6. No external factors such as flux, metal filler and external heating are needed for ultrasonic welding

7. Welding can reduce the temperature effect of the material to ultra-low (the temperature in the welding zone is not more than 50% of the molten metal's natural melting temperature), so as not to change the metal structure

The advantages of ultrasonic wire splicer:

1. Short welding time, greatly improved efficiency, fast and energy saving;

2. Welded materials with the properties of non-melting and non-fragile conductors of welded materials;

3. High melting strength, excellent conductivity after welding, low resistance or near zero resistance;

4. Do not need any flux, gas, solder;

5. Welding without spark, smoke, environmental protection and safety;

6. The welding process is stable and on-line inspection and control.

The application of ultrasonic wire splicer:

    The ultrasonic wire splicer welding machine is mainly used for welding various kinds of wire bundles and copper pieces. The high frequency vibration of ultrasonic makes the wire bundles and tin coated copper pieces weld quickly, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenience and low cost. It is mainly used for welding copper wire and aluminum wire of automobile wire harness and motorcycle wire harness. It is suitable for welding of automobile, electronics, electric appliance, motor vehicle, communication and home appliances.

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