The Introduction Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding

The Introduction Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Date:Oct 16, 2020

The Introduction Of Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Ultrasonic metal welding is a solid-state process that can produce fusion through ultrasonic vibration and friction. The advantage of welding without melting the metal wire is that it does not produce intermetallic compounds or particles. The fusion structure is built into the metal wire itself, which also eliminates the risk of corrosion

Ultrasonic metal welding machine can be used not only for welding metal wires, but also for welding various soft conductive non-ferrous metals, including copper, aluminum and nickel, as well as lithium, brass, silver and gold. Unlike ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic Metal welding can successfully weld dissimilar metals. This ability makes ultrasonic metal welding an ideal welding process for applications involving power storage devices, wiring harnesses and electronic micro-components. Circuit breakers, switches, consumer electronics and mobile phones, and even implanted medical devices

Electric buses, vehicles, and motors have battery packs. The negative and positive terminals of the metal foil layer and the power core are all fixed by an ultrasonic metal welding machine, which can bond very thin metal foils (as low as 5 microns) and It has the ability to bond these metal foils up to 100 layers to assemble high-power lithium batteries and super capacitors. The ultrasonic metal welding machine also has the powerful ability to weld thick metal wires up to 20mm in diameter

Another difference between the ultrasonic welding of plastic and metal is the application of amplitude. In ultrasonic plastic welding, the amplitude is applied to the upper component in the vertical direction, while the amplitude is applied to the side-layed component during the lateral movement of the metal material.

Compared with other welding and crimping, ultrasonic metal welding does not require additional materials or consumables to form the bond. Compared with other bonding techniques, the process can provide repeatable results and a higher level of control, because ultrasonic There are many variable metal processes involved: amplitude, frequency, pressure and tools. Sometimes it takes time to formulate welding parameters and tools. These parameters and tools are ideally suited for specific applications. In the wire bonding ultrasonic metal welding process, the atomic dispersion and Interchange, can minimize the electrical resistance to zero

Although the process is highly repeatable and controllable, ultrasonic metal welding requires training and testing to produce accurate results. If the process is not correct, the bonding metal wire may become brittle, and ultrasonic metal welding also requires extensive In order to achieve accurate and repeatable bonding, resistance failure tests are required for testing, such as tension, peeling, and resistance failure testing. The design of the tool itself plays an indispensable role in the success of bonding. Generally, ultrasonic metal welding is successful The key involves the design, details and implementation of the weld. The welding head, also known as the ultrasonic sonotrode, is half of the tool that transmits ultrasonic energy to the welding area between the parts through one of the parts. An anvil or pneumatic clamping device must be appropriately combined. Shape, surface texture and knurled pattern can effectively transfer energy

Choosing the right ultrasonic metal welding for this task is also essential for selecting the right frequency for metal wires and other metal products. Altrasonic provides a range of ultrasonic metal welding and services to meet changing industry needs, including automation integration, ultrasonic Metal welding can be used for metal bonding in various applications. The popular industrial field is the bonding of metal wires, wire harnesses and batteries.

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